Bulk SMS

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Bulk SMS

We are an Indian messaging service provider. We are a leading mobile SMS solutions provider that caters to corporate and individuals throughout in India. Our Bulk SMS Website provide login access to send SMS using Internet . Customer can login with their User Name and password to send single SMS or Bulk SMS anywhere in India. We cover all telecom circles in India.

If you want to know how to send SMS through Internet, How you can send SMS using your own Brand then it is right place.

So if your company requires Bulk SMS Services, Internet based Bulk SMS Solutions, Bulk SMS through SMPP Protocol Connection, Web Based Bulk SMS, Send Group SMS Using your Excel Sheet, you may try our demo version.

Bulk SMS Pricing

Sr.No. SMS Pack Rate/SMS(Ps) Validity (In Years) Total (Inc.Taxes)
1 10,000 20ps 3 Months 2,000
2 20,000 18ps 6 Months 3,600
3 50,000 16ps 1 Year 8,000
4 1,00,000 13ps Life Time 13,000
5 5L /10L 12ps / 11ps --- ---
Sr.No. SMS Pack Rate/SMS(Ps) Validity (In Years) Total (Inc.Taxes)
1 1,00,000 13ps 1 Year 13,000
2 5,00,000 12ps Life Time 60,000
3 10,00,000 11ps Life Time 1,10,000
Sr.No. Voice Pack Rate/30 Sec Validity (In Years) Total (Inc.Taxes)
1 10,000 50ps 1 Year 5,000
2 50,000 45ps 1 Year 22,500
3 1,00,000 40ps 1 Year 40,000
4 2,00,000 38ps 1 Year 76,000
5 5,00,000 33ps Life Time 1,65,000

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