Web Designing

We are professional Web site designers, we follow these steps to building effective Web sites for clients.

Domain Name Selection

Domain name is one of the major identification, short name attract people so name leads more visits and the name should me relevant to the services they offer. We suggest you a best name to your business.

Color Combination

Picking bright colors for both the background of a Web page and for the text to be displayed on it simply won't work. Neither will the overuse of colors on pages. Remember too that a not-insignificant proportion of the general public suffer from a variety of sight-related problems. And some businesses has some color codes and we have a professional team to get you color full website.

Contact at a click away

The ultimate goal for making website is to get online business. So contact details should be available to the website visitor and it should be eye catchy design. Then only website visitors become our client.

Unfortunately, visitors to many sites can now only provide feedback or ask questions by filling in an online form. A lot of people don't like forms. It could be that a form doesn't answer the specific need that they have. More often though, forms are usually time-consuming and boring to fill in, and sometimes ask for information that visitors don't want to reveal

If our client insists on using a form on a site, provide an e-mail address link that people can simply click to provide a quick, unstructured message.


It should be easy for visitors to find their way around a Web site. Before we unleash any new site on an unsuspecting public, we conduct some usability tests to determine just how long, and what effort it takes, for people to browse the contents of the site.

Once a site starts to grow in complexity, consider adding a site map, which lists the major features of the site, along with a Frequently Answered Questions section where visitors can turn to for immediate help.

Less weight Images

While it's true that a picture may indeed be "worth a thousand words", too many pictures and graphics included on a Web page will result in excessive download times. People who browse the Web are not renowned for their patience, and they will just not tolerate sites that take too long to appear on their computer's monitor.

Simple and Informative

The content of Web pages needs to be written in a specific way - short, jargon-free and to the point. Visitors to a Web site don't read online content the same way that they read the pages of a book.

If the information on the Web page doesn't grab them immediately, and doesn't continue to hold their attention, they'll click their mouse and move to a different site (usually a competitor site). Where it's impossible to avoid jargon, provide an online glossary on the site in a highly visible location.

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